Wa-Hi dance team comes home with a 1st place trophy


Mikaile O'Connell-Joshua, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 1 at Kamiakin, Wa-Hi dance team won first place in the dance category and second place in the pom category. This was the dance team’s first competition of the season. They have been doing a lot of practicing and performing at every home basketball and football game this year.

The blue devil’s dance competed against Hanford, Richland, Kamiakin, Chiawana and Ephrata in the dance category; and was second to Othello in the pom category.

Although the blue devil’s dance team was successful this weekend, they will be working even harder to perfect their dancing and technique. The coaches say, “the girls need to work on having sharp arms and pointing their toes.” The team will be working on improving these skills inside and outside of practice.

The dance team is coached by Emma Wolpert, Merrit Morris and Summer Wardlaw and the dance team captains are Aanika Swant and Nathalia Cazarez.

You can catch the dance team at their next competition this Saturday, February 8, at Chiawana High School in Pasco.