WA-HI reveals this year’s theme for the Sadie Hawkins Dance


Rylee Hale, Staff Writer

Walla Walla High School has many dances that take place throughout the year by the ASB. There’s the back to school Luau, Homecoming, Winter Ball, Prom, and there’s the end of school dance, Finals Frolic. All of these dances are super popular at WA-HI, and these dances always have a theme. The themes from these dances are always picked by our very own ASB, but there’s one dance that ASB does not control. This dance would be, of course, Sadie Hawkins.

Sadie Hawkins is a very casual dance, but there is a special twist that makes it a little more interesting. In order to have a date for this specific dance, the girls have to ask the guys. Also, as I mentioned before, WA-HI’s ASB does not run any part of the Sadies production. It’s all run by WA-HI’s National Honors Society.

WA-HI’s National Honors Society group is made up of 42 Senior class students who thrive in what is known as, “The Four Pillars.” The four pillars include: Character, Service, Scholarship, and Leadership. The National Honors Society, or “NHS,” has been working really hard to create a memorable dance for everyone here at WA-HI, and after much anticipation, the announcement of the theme is here.

This year, the class of 2020’s National Honors Society presents the theme, “The Roaring Twenties.” The 1920’s was the age of dramatic social and political change. Women obtained the right to vote, We passed Prohibition, and Americans were filled with hope and prosperity. So ladies, break out those fancy flapper dresses and boys, break out those well-tailored pinstripe suits because for Sadies, we’re going back in time and celebrating all the good things the twenties have brought us!