October GO BLUE students of the month honored


Congratulations to the GO BLUE students of October! This month, eight students were selected by their teachers as GO BLUE students. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students. Below are what they believe are the reasons they were chosen.


Diane Moreno said “I guess it’s just like I’ve been in a position where I don’t understand something and sometimes it’s scary To ask so if I see someone struggling I help them out as best as I can.”


Lauren Adams and Sariah Hepworth both agreed that “being a student athlete and keeping your grades up can get hard but worth it in the end.”


Natalie Randleas said that she “helps keep the classroom under control, especially when there is a substitute.”


William Youngblood believes in the philosophy of “The more you ask, the more you receive. If you ask more about the people around you, the more you get to know about the person.”

The following students were also recognized this month: Raquelle Justice, freshman; Reece Falconer, junior; and Reese Fewell, senior.

A complete list of students nominated is available here.