September GO BLUE students of the month recognized


Rylee Hale, Madeline Jacobson, Mikaile O'Connell-Joshua, & Taylor Sucharda, Staff writers

Congratulations to the September GO BLUE students of the month! This month eight students were recognized by staff members as GO BLUE students of the month. Nominated students were recognized for the exceptional examples they provide as model students. We had an opportunity to ask them they reason they thought they were nominated.

9th grade:

Lena Berens – “I would say smiling, because it’s early in the morning and a lot of people are tired so I ask them how their week is going and try to keep the mood up.”

Logan Blake – “I think it’s because this girl, Kimberly and I had flex together and she was feeling sad so I talked to her to make her feel better.”

10th grade:

Morgan Alexander – “I am always willing to help out a classmate that I see struggling. I sit by three of my friends and they sometimes seem confused so I talked them through the problem with me.”

Sariah Hepworth – “I have a very special bound with Mrs.Casetto and she saw me helping out a student who was struggling and I decided to extend myself out to her. “

11th grade:

Steven Hernandez – “I think I got student of the month because  since I came from Mexico, I have been working hard at learning English and have been trying to keep my grades up”

12th grade:

Karly Kenny – “I think it is because I am very enthusiastic in class because I am very passionate about the subject, I always seem to be very engaged.”

Matthew Reser – “I came up with a project for NHS for Veterans Day; I decided that during our Veterans Day assembly here at WA-Hi, we would do activities with them and hand coffee out to the vets.”

Luciane Petit, junior, was also recognized this month.

Way to go Blue Devils!