Girls’ Golf travels to Kennewick for first game

Reece Schulke, Staff Writer

On March 27, the Girls’ Varsity Golf team traveled to Zintel Creek Golf Club to compete in a Kennewick hosted competition.

Wa-Hi’s place in the fierce battlegrounds of golf were be established by these eager players, Darnold Madison, Hallee Yaw, Monica Miller, Mackenzie Davis, Collette Barnor, and JDa Thomas.

Competing in the field of golf can be tough. Every swing of the club must be precise, the weather has to be perfect, any mistakes could cost a player the lead, and in turn, their mood.

It makes you wonder, what kind of person would put themselves in such conditions? The Wa-Hi Journal wanted to satisfy the question, and decided to directly ask this courageous group of people.

Freshman JDa Thomas wants to continue the experience she has with her family when playing. She enjoys the similar feelings of camaraderie with her small and close knit team. She thinks the team’s size is also wants makes it unique among the larger sport teams. According to her, patience is an important trait to have when playing golf.

On the other hand, Sophomore Mackenzie Davis just wanted a simple and fun sport to play through the school year. When asked what her favorite thing about golf was, she appreciates the “patience” and how “boring” (a bold thing to say about golf) it is. She likes to warm up before a game with the usual, putting and chipping.

March 27th’s game was the team’s first game. The girls’ are eagerly anticipating the next time they get to represent Wa-Hi on the fields of golf.