Girls’ Tennis swings into spring

Soleil Hernandez, Staff Writer

This great season didn’t start without some mishaps though. The season began when the winter weather was in full force. Due to the bad weather, matches were pushed back and practices were held in the small gym. This made things a little more difficult, but nonetheless the tennis team persevered!

I was able to ask three WA-Hi tennis players about their thoughts on the season so far. This is what they said:

“Having 35 girls on the team this year is great! I get to meet a lot of new people, and I know that in the coming years that the team will be amazing. One fun thing that we did was go to free cone day at Dairy Queen after practice. It has become a tradition to go every year with the new girls on varsity.” -Lily Turner

“I like tennis because it is just really fun to play and I love to see my progress. I also love our tennis team because it is just another family, we all support and cheer for each other. One really funny thing that has happened in tennis was one of my teammates, Sydney, was playing a match against this girl from another school who had the biggest hoop earrings and Syd hit the ball through one of the earrings!” – Sabryna Horton

“Coach Peck is an amazing coach and trains us to be better, work harder and achieve the impossible and I think it is amazing and the things that we do makes me be a better tennis player and I’m grateful for that. I loved seeing my sister, Amali Gutiérrez, and Serena Williams just the way they played and I want to be like that and I love how the ball hits against my racquet and how the energy makes me feel.One day I hope to be as good as Naomi Osaka my number one inspiration” – Amilia Gutierrez