Why JUUL should be your worst nightmare


Kiley Curran, Staff Writer

We all know about smoking cigarettes and how bad it is for you, but there are other options that may be worse. E-cigarettes are becoming the next big thing in the world of teens and young adults, but do they know the dangers of using one?

When using an E-cig you have to keep in mind that the E-liquid is not just harmless “water vapor.” E-liquid contains many chemicals such as Nicotine, Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Benzoic Acid, and Flavorants. All of these chemicals are not made for Human consumption. Even the flavoring is bad for you! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention wrote an article about vaping among teens and young adults (Quick Facts on the Risks of E-cigarettes for Kids, Teens, and Young Adults, CDC). The article clearly states that the flavorings in vape juice were made to be eaten not inhaled into your lungs. Another danger of the chemicals in e-liquid is you don’t always know what is in the liquid, making the possibility of being poisoned very high. One of the biggest effects an e-cig will have on an adolescent is brain development. Doctors have already seen a change in the brains of teens who use an e-cigarette compared to teens who don’t. The last danger that I bet you didn’t think about is the whole thing exploding. Due to the electricity and heat traveling through your E-cig as you go to take a drag it may cause an explosion that can cause serious external damage.

For parents, the E-cigarette you should worry about the most is a JUUL. JUUL is new to the E-cig industry only coming out around 2015, but they may be the biggest threat to parents and children. JUUL’s are very easy to hide, they are small and can fit into pockets easily. That’s not the worst of it though. A JUUL looks exactly like a flash drive and can be charged from a computer. So not only can they be hidden anywhere but they are very portable.  Now that teens can hide their e-cig so well it’s become more and more popular. In November 2018, the FDA funded a Nation Youth Tobacco survey and the results are horrifying. This study found that 78% of high school students in the U.S. use or have used an e-cigarette and 48% of middle schoolers in the U.S. use or have used an e-cigarette. These statistics will only get worse if we don’t continue to educate students and young adults on the dangers of using an e-cigarette.

There are many consequences to vaping not only to your body but also to your education and legal records. There is a penalty for being caught vaping on campus. The vapor products will be confiscated and there is a fine of $103 as per Washington State law, so just leave it at home.

For more information on the dangers of vaping and how it could affect you go check out the links below.



If you’re in need of help and want to quit,  talk to our counselors here at Wa-Hi or Mr. Cramer in A18. For a more anonymous approach, click the link below to get the help you need.