Don’t be little…..Be BIG!


Trinity Kiefel, Staff Writer

On Friday, March 15th, Stu Cabe presented at our assembly. Cabe is the CEO and founder of the Ovation Company based in Coeur d’Alene, ID. He is an expert in promoting and cultivating a positive culture in schools and students. Traveling around the country, Cabe is natural at presenting and inspiring the students of our generation.

In the WA-Hi assembly, Cabe’s message was based around a metaphor; Big Elephants are the ones who do what is right and are wise enough to listen and respect others. The Little Elephants are the people who spread hate and immaturity and are ignorant to the fact they are deemed irresponsible. He says, “You Big Elephants out there, I can see who you are. Believe it or not, I can see you.” The point of the metaphor is to encourage students to grow, to be nice without any reason, to not give in to the negativity and just do what is right. Without Big Elephants the world would be chaos.

The choice to be a Big Elephant is yours, take it!