FBLA members qualify for state competition


Reece Schulke, Staff Writer

On February 8, students from WA-Hi competed at the FBLA Regional Conference in Tri Cities. Members competed in more than 70 events ranging from cyber security to social media campaigns. Competitions involved presentations, speeches, online tests, and interviews.

Twenty-two students from Wa-Hi placed in the top six in at least one event and have qualified to compete at the state competition which will be held from April 10 to 13. The annual State Business Leadership Conference for the Future Business Leaders of America will be held in Seattle.

Those who place among the top four in each event are eligible to move up to the National Leadership Conference held June 29 to July 2 in San Antonio, Texas.

Qualifying Members:

Natalie Manny

Ethan Goss

Magnus Frederickson

Dane Gomsrud

Julian Coleman-Hernandez

Hannah Peha

Nianzu Yan

Emma Jenkins

Luci Sullivan

Ellie Sieverstan

Marissa Manny

Bradley Anliker

Alicia Newcomb

Jarett Peha,

Anthony Mckerinan

Michelle Foster

Oliver Telander

Aaron Christopherson

Samir Ashford

Carolyn Bergman

Jackson Leinweber

Jordyn Helm